Do You Need a New Roof?

The roof is one of the most important components on the home. It protects the structure from an array of types of damages that you’d otherwise endure. A roof that needs replacing may not always show immediate signs.  However, once a roof reaches its expected lifespan it begins to wear down. When this happens, the roof is susceptible to leaks and other damages that lead to bigger problems later down the road. It’s important to keep an eye on the roof, or at least hire an expert to inspect the roof regularly.  There are also many signs that suggest the roof has seen its better days and needs to be replaced.

Some of the signs that indicate the potential need for a new roof include:

·    Shingles are curled or cupped

·    Missing granules

·    Cracked or broken shingles

·    The roof is 20+ years old or older

·    Dark streaks on the roof decks

·    Moss growth

If any of the above signs are present at your property, pick up the phone to call a professional. It is best to address roofing issues now before they get worse and cause more headache and expense to install.  Of course this isn’t a complete list of signs that indicate trouble with the roof, so don’t wait to pick up the phone if there’s any inclination that trouble is present.

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Roofing professionals will come to the home to evaluate the roof to determine if a roof replacement is the best option for your needs.  You can also get a quote to learn cost of roofing installations wauwatosa wi. Most people compare quotes with a few companies in order to get the best price. This might be a step you also want to take to keep costs for a new roof to a minimum.