Marble or Porcelain: Are The Materials the Same?

Marble and porcelain are both luxurious materials used for various projects in homes and at businesses, but their similarities stop there.  Many people mistakenly believe that porcelain works just as well as marble and even that the two materials are the same, but that simply isn’t true. Nothing compares to marble slab materials and anyone with any experience in the building industry or remodeling can tell you this information from firsthand experience.

Significant Differences Between Marble & Porcelain

Porcelain and marble are certainly very different materials altogether. The two materials are not only made differently but they feel and look differently, too. A side-by-side comparison will help you better understand how different these materials really are. You can find many new styles of porcelain slab these days, but it still isn’t marble no matter how you choose to look at things. If you want marble, then you must purchase marble slab in costa mesa!

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Fall in Love With The Look

Marble tiles are rich and elegant, made from 100% natural materials. Though marble tiles are more difficult to care for than porcelain, it is still easy to maintain their great style an fall in love with the look that you create. Marble comes in many shades and beautifully amplifies any space in the home.  Most people use the slabs to accentuate their kitchen countertops and/or for bathroom vanities.

Marble Slab Prices

The money spent to acquire marble slab to use for your building project is worth the costs. Not only does marble offer a more defined, elegant look, it also lasts longer and offers better durability that you won’t get with porcelain. It’s easy to compare costs of marble slab with a few providers to find the best rates for the products that you need.