Tips for Dockboard Yard Safety

If you use loading dockboards to load and unload supplies at your business, there are a few things that you should now to stay safe. A dockboard is designed to make it easier to transfer cargo into the warehouse and out of the warehouse. They include many safety features that ensure their proper use. With thanks to your trusted, local industrial equipment dealer tulsa ok, enjoy few more dockboard safety tips.

Tip One: The Weight of the Matter

It is important to ensure that you have the right size dockboard on hand and that the board can support the weight of the cargo that you are loading onto it. Not only should the dockboard support the weight of the load but also other tools like the forklift used to transport the items. It is important that you check out the weight of the dockboard before buying and using the product.

Tip Two: The Right Size

Dockboards are sold in many sizes. Is the right size dockboard installed at your facility? An array of problems result if the wrong size board is installed and these are not headaches that you want to experience.

Tip Three: Inspect the Dockboard

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Inspect the dockboard before each use. You should inspect the board as if it is the first time ever using it because damage can occur very quickly. Look for signs of damage which include bolts and nails missing, faulty mechanisms, and/or cracks and holes.

Tip Four:  Prepare the Loading Area

 Preparing the loading area is also essential when it is time to transfer your cargo materials. The dockboard should be centered with all of the locks secure.  Remember that you shouldn’t use the dockboard if the truck doesn’t have the chocks for trailer restraints in place.